We are a team with a vast experience in effective Design, sharing a passion for cultural traditions and the universe of wine.

We are a team with a vast experience in effective Design, sharing a passion for cultural traditions and the universe of wine.


Hator Column Wine Cellar

The Column Hator Wine Cellar combines robustness with contemporary design. Although its lines appear imbalance or discomfort, the structure has been designed to ensure total stability and the safety of the wines.

Hator Rack System

The main inspiration for the Hator series was the vine, the mother plant of the wines.

It is the ideal solution for those with bold tastes, but also with a certain nostalgia for memories, history and nature.

The Hator Rack System allows to accommodate your wines according to the characteristics of the space. Because it is a modular system, it has the advantage of being able to adapt to different storage, needs and to accompany the growth of your wine collection.

Lazuli Center Table


The Lazuli Center Table evokes the wine deity of Taoism, which was part of the Eight Immortals of Chinese Mythology. According to the legend, Lan Caihe drank wine, only spoke the truth and was always dressed in blue.


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The Volo Vinis

For Those who love their wines

VOLO VINIS is composed by a team with a vast experience in effective Design, sharing a passion for cultural traditions and the universe of wine.

To produce an outstanding wine requires passion, time and dedication. And in order to enjoy it in its essence, such as a small treasure, you need to pamper it with sobriety in an environment that cares with the details of its origins.

Creations with the signature VOLO VINIS combine technology and handwork in a current and timeless vision of the forms of Nature. Our pieces are unique, customised and entirely thought and designed for wines spaces.

These are the reasons to offer VOLO VINIS to your wines selection.

One Dream, many passions

1. Customers
We want our customers to succeed, so we strive to give our best in each of our services. We know that a satisfied customer means an improvement of our future sales achievements.
2. Passion and Honesty
We are dedicated and passionate about our mission. We are aware that everyone around us contributes to the growth of our company, so we cultivate values such as respect and honesty. We always keep our word.
3. Creativity
We want our company to grow with the creativity and open-mindedness of all who participate in it and interact with it, because initiative and creativity generate opportunities for growth and make a difference.
4. Team Spirit
For VOLO VINIS everyone has an equally important role: when each one gives his best, we all win because we are part of the same team. We want to make sure that we are a united and flexible team and that by providing personal growth, the whole team grows more cohesive and the degree of customer satisfaction is greater.
5. Pride
Every completed project is a source of pride, but we know that it is always possible to improve. We constantly evaluate our products, systems, services and performance, to improve our organization and responsiveness.

Design Methodology

 Phase 1
Briefing. Assessment of needs, objectives, aesthetic trends, materials, space functions. Study of collector’s habits, ideal space capacity, formats, temperature control, humidity, UV radiation, ventilation and stability.
Phase 2
Presentation of proposal to the client. General technical drawings, 3D simulation, ante-design adjustments. Development of the final project and presentation of commercial proposal.
Phase 3
Approval of the commercial proposal. Development, presentation and approval of the final project.
• Option A: Delivery of the project to the customer and conclusion of the provision of VOLO VINIS services.
• Option B: Installation and assembly, continuing the VOLO VINIS services.
Phase 4
Preparation of space. Execution of work. 
Phase 5
Conclusion of the work, final adjustments that are part of the commercial proposal.
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